ATTENTION Female Coaches - from NCAA Division I, II, III sponsored or emerging sport, or a strength-conditioning coach of an NCAA program - who want to connect with other female coaches to learn and grow from the experiences you're having as a coach...

ANNOUNCING: The 8th Annual Women’s Coaching Summit - the ONLY professional development opportunity for female athletic coaches where you are given the time and space to address your biggest challenges and come away with a real and do-able game plan.


I know you're super busy!!! I'll keep this first part short! Here are the most important details you need to know about the 2019 Women's Coaching Summits.


  • Session One: APRIL 18 - 20, 2019
  • Session Two: JUNE 6 - 8, 2019 

Schedule your travel so that you're available to attend the entire summit. You won't want to miss a single session!  

Thursday @ 9:00am - Saturday @ 5:00pm, pacific


The Summit is a 3-day experience available to NCAA coaches of all levels of experience. Each session is limited to a small group of 15 coaches.

If you are eager to reach your full potential as a coach, if you're open to learning more about yourself, if you'd like more insight into the challenges you face as a leader...then you'll be in the right place.

These three days are designed for coaches who are willing to take a closer look at how you do what you do as a coach. I'm not talking about the x's and o's. I'm talking all about your energy and your effectiveness as a leader. 

For many coaches there are very specific things that hold you back from being your best. And, often, the problem is that you aren’t even really sure what those things are. 

So many coaches these days are questioned and criticized. Which creates uncertainty that leads to self-doubt, lack of confidence, fear of failure and a hesitance to move forward.  

I see so many coaches get stuck.  

Leading is hard.

There's so much value in developing your own self awareness. Yet, there's rarely enough time in your schedule to stop to digest all the experiences you're having. 

Connect with a community of coaches who will help support you wherever you are along your coaching journey. 

Come away with a new perspective and a renewed attitude for the season ahead. 

This is the 8th year I've facilitated these coaching summits (after participating in a summit myself for 20+ years). Many coaches come back year after year. 

If you're curious, then come and experience this for yourself so you can also fully understand and appreciate the real power of taking this time. Leave equipped with new awareness, knowledge, and resources to bring back to your team.

The insights you have at the summit will literally change the way you coach!  


The Prime Sports Institute in Bellingham, Washington 

A couple hours North of Seattle and just 45 minues south of British Columbia, Canada. Locals will tell you it's the city of 'subdued excitement'. (You're gonna love it!)


The summit is an $850 investment to save your spot. (Or you can split it into 2 payments of $450 - if that's easier). 

(SIGN UP LAST MINUTE - within 30 days of the summit - AND SAVE $200!!!)


Coaches are responsible for your own lodging and travel expenses. Once you sign up, you'll be able to access a private summit Facebook page where you can connect with other summit coaches to coordinate rides and share lodging. 

Your 'offline' time hanging out with other coaches is one of the most valuable aspects of the whole experience!

Summit Coaches will tell you about the lasting friendships they've developed at the summit that extend well beyond sport.

Erica Quam

Hi, I’m Erica Quam, President & Founder of a really cool company called The Coaching Experience. I work with athletic coaches to help you become the leaders you were meant to be - in all areas of your life. 

I’ve facilitated 22 different women’s coaching summits over the past eight years and seen first-hand the impact this time has had on hundreds of coaches. I work with coaches one-on-one to provide consistent support, an expert perspective, and the accountability it takes to stay on top of your game throughout the season.

Before I led my first summit, I was a summit participant for years. Saying yes and attending a summit has been the best decision I’ve ever made. In fact, my original summit group continued to meet for 22 years. For me, it’s way more than professional development…these summits have molded me into the leader I am today.

The result? Coaches come back year after year. They share, acknowledge, and celebrate the progress they’re making - in personal growth, leadership skills and in their own confidence and power. 

I hope you will come and join this extraordinary community!

Give me just three days...  

I'll help you develop a game plan for you to succeed - on and off the field - in ways you never thought possible!  

If you've ever felt alone...and wondered to yourself, "I'm coaching all these people, but when things get tough, who can I reach out to and get support?" 

This is the time to be around other athletic coaches and get the perspective you want and need.  

Does this sound like you?  

Denise was a first-year head coach. Her team had done well this season...but it still wasn't good enough - for her athletes, her boss, or even for her.  

She knew taking this job would be more pressure. Yet, she felt more pressure than she ever thought possible. top it all the end of the season her assistant coach quit, two athletes transferred, and her boss called her in to talk about the athletes and parents who had called him complaining. She was devastated.  

She started focusing on recruiting - thinking it was all about finding the right talent. But it's not about finding the right talent. It's FIRST about realigning yourself with your own personal values as a coach...and tapping into the wisdom, grit, and confidence you know you have.


  • having the perfect training plan for your season
  • saying everything 'right' - to your athletes, to recruits, to your boss
  • getting the best athletes onto your team
  • making decisions that everyone will agree with you on
  • never having any criticism or negative feedback
  • being able to do it all while being in total control of everything 


  • Knowing your values...and living them even when things are really hard. Staying consistent - even when people are questioning, challenging, and criticizing you.
  • Trusting yourself to make hard decisions...instead of avoiding, procrastinating, or getting bogged down by second guessing yourself after you've made them.
  • Responding to negative feedback from a place of confidence and power...instead of reacting, getting defensive, and fighting back. 
  • Recognizing the doubts, fears, and beliefs that hold you back so you can finally step up and become a leading coach who can really make a difference.
  • Finding a way to make a positive impact each day on all the people you influence - no matter what challenges come up.

Coaching isn't just your job, it's your lifestyle. 

Hannah Burandt

Yet, you rarely have time to stop long enough to consider what you really want and how to make coaching as fulfulling, sustainable, and rewarding a career - as it should be!

This 3-day experience is intentionally designed to help you move out of survival mode to a place where you thrive with fresh new ideas and enthusiasm for the season ahead.  

Here's a fraction of what you’ll discover…

  • How many things you actually accomplished last season (that you may have never considered)
  • All of the things you've been tolerating (and what new boundaries and standards you need to set)
  • Why some athletes and coaches will never be the 'right fit' for you (and how to handle letting them go)
  • How to become a better 'manager' (and delegate without feeling guilty or disappointed it's not done the way you want)
  • How to identify your unique value and skillsets (and position yourself as an expert without feeling like you're your athletes, recruits, parents, staff, and athletic directors) 
  • A 4-step formula to help you tap into your inner source of unstoppable confidence (over and over again)
  • How to build your team around your unique capabilities (and why most coaches get this wrong)
  • How to uncover your core beliefs about coaching (that either attract the right athletes to your team or leave you struggling)
  • How to get out of the “work-life balance trap" and operate from a place of strategy and intention
  • How to reverse-engineer your season goals into a do-able gameplan (plus, you'll map out the exact steps you'll take to succeed!)
  • A new self-management matrix that teaches you, not only how to prioritize, but how to THINK ABOUT your time and how to structure your season so success becomes a repeatable and predictable process

The truth is, you only need two things to get these kinds of results...


Time to focus on YOU - the coach, the leader, and the person.  

Let's be really honest here, coach. You rarely take any time for yourself. 

You're always running around making sure everyone's okay, has what they need, and things have been done. 

Here's the deal though...if you don't commit to taking this time for yourself...someone else will take this time away from you. 

There's an endless list of 'other things' people will ask you to do...

There's always going to be another:

  • competition to go to
  • recruiting weekend to plan
  • family obligation
  • staff meeting
  • clinic to run
  • fundraising event to attend

This list will always go on - every single season of your coaching career. The amount of stuff you need to do as a coach will never stop.  

YOU have to be the one who stops. 

YOU have to make the decision that this kind of time - for yourself - is important to you. 

YOU have to be the one who makes the commitment...that says to yourself (and everyone else in your life), "I'm going to take this time..for MYSELF...because I'm worth it!"  

Because, you are totally worth it!


You need to be around people who get what you do, understand the challenges you face, and have a sense of what you've gone through season after season.

Coaches are a special breed.

No one really gets what you do....except for other coaches!!!!  

  • Your family doesn't totally get it.
  • Your 'regular' friends can't truly understand. 
  • Your partner/spouse says they get it (but they really don't.)

You constantly juggle relationships and responsibilities - trying to make sure everyone gets what they want and need. 

You push hard all season long. You can't stop because you can't let anything drop.  

You need to finally be able to share what's gone on for you with people who will listen and can understand. 

You need to hear you're not alone. 

You need to know there are coaches out there who've gone through similar struggles as you...AND have actually gotten through the challenges and learned amazing lessons along the way.

Sara Doell

It's with great pleasure that I invite you to the 8th Annual Women's Coaching Summit in Bellingham, Washington.

Join me (and a select group of your coaching colleagues) for three days of self exploration, leadership training, and self care. The summit will give you the time you need and the support you require to get YOU ready for a winning season. It's definitely about more than just coaching! 

NOTE: Coaching summits are small retreats held in an intimate setting, so you’ll literally be DOING what you learn on the spot. (You know, all the stuff you should do but never actually do? That’s what you’ll dive into.) This is NOT hours upon hours of speakers and power point presentations that give you lots of information that you never do anything with. This is ultra-clarity, big aha’s and applying what you’re learning right then and there to your unique situation – while getting in-the-room access to me.

Summit space is limited to 15 coaches. Seats fill on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Imagine yourself taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest...

How would it feel to:

  • Have a few days of downtime before the busyness of the season starts back up?
  • Take some time to focus on you - to go on a hike, sit by the water, do some restorative yoga, get a massage?
  • Get to know a group of other cool coaches (who think this stuff is as important as you)?
  • Ask questions you've wondered all season long...and had no one to ask?
  • Walk away with a detailed action plan for next season and friends to hold you to it?
  • Talk with a small group of coaches about a challenge you're struggling with and get clear on what action steps you'll take when you get home?

Marine Park


Bellingham is located 45 minutes south of Vancouver, BC at this threshold - between the sea and nearby mountain summits of the North Cascades. There's more to it than the contract between water and earth. Whether you want to believe it or not, the life force out here is extraordinarily strong in a literal, biological sense. Twenty-three species of whale live in or pass through the region's waters, and the area is home to one of the nations highest concentration of resident bald eagles.  

It's a special place with lots of wisdom all around.  

This is why coaches love coming here for a summit. Shifts happen here that DO NOT happen anywhere else. Bellingham is famous for the 'Summit Vortex' we create when we are physically gathered together. The 2019 Women's Coaching Summit will be no exception.


Bellingham offers a variety of food & lodging options for you to choose from...

Maybe you want to connect with a new coach to share a room with, find a group of coaches to share a VRBO or an Air BNB or maybe you just need to take care of yourself and splurge with some alone time...why not!? 

Take time to consider which option will be the best for you to get the most out of your summit experience. matter where you decide to stay, there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries to keep your cravings satisfied. (I'll send you my list of favorites as soon as you sign up so you can start to plan and look forward to your trip!)

Here's what's included:

1. Take a 360º look at your season

On the first day together, you'll look at the past, present, and future of you and your team.

And the reason we're doing this is because most coaches tend to plow forward without taking any time to digest all you've actually done over the course of the season. You never reflect on all the things you've actually you can begin to integrate this knowledge next season and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.  

  • We'll look back - to celebrate your success, things you're proud of, and victories from the year. Coaches rarely stop long enough to take in all they've accomplished. We'll take time to do that together and create energy and momentum to bring back to your team.  
  • We'll look at where you are right now - and identify your most important current challenges. We'll begin to look for solutions, ideal outcomes, and help you get clear on your very next step.  
  • We'll look ahead - to determine your priorities for the next 90 days - so you are clear on where you will put your focus and maximize your attention when you go back home.

2. Small group check-in

During the second day of the summit, we'll break up into smaller groups and share more details about your year - your highs, lows, victories, and challenges - both personally and professionally. 

Coaches rarely get a chance to do this in the midst of the season...since you're the one in charge. You're expected to have it all figured out and keep it all together. You need a place to talk about your season with people who really get it - other coaches.  

  • This personal debrief will help you process things you need to keep doing and what might need to change 
  • Gain a whole new perspective from other coaches and the realization you're not as alone as you may feel 
  • Share your experience in a safe place - with people you can trust to keep it confidential
  • Form deeper connections with coaches who listen, encourage, and support you

3. Reverse engineer your season

During this session, I'll walk you through a step-by-step process where you'll get clear on the goals, results, and outcomes you most want for next year and determine what you must do to get there. 

This can sometimes be way too overwhemling to do by yourself. Let me guide you through so you can walk away from the summit with a resource that will help you stay more focused and on-track than ever before.  

  • Head Coaches will get a sense of what to stop doing, so you can delegate the things you need to get off your plate
  • Assistant Coaches will get more clear on your role and where else you can contribute on your team
  • All coaches will discover standards, boundaries, and new expectations they need to set to achieve the goals you know are possible

Mastermind Session

4. A Coaches Mastermind Session  

On day three, I'll lead you through a coaches mastermind session: when two or more coaches get together you create a higher level of intelligence and wisdom.  

You’ll be amazed at what happens when you put your focus and attention towards the one specific area you want help on. (Coaches often tell me this was one of the most powerful sessions of the summit for them!)  

  • Get laser focused on a challenge or issue your dealing with 
  • Vent, brainstorm, problem-solve, and get feedback from your group 
  • Come away with the next steps you'll take when you go back home to your team

5. 'High Five' Happy Hour

Thursday night we'll have an official all of your victories, accomplishments, wins, high fives, and things you're proud of from the season!

Kick back, relax, and hang out with your coaching colleagues over some tasty local Pacific Northwest microbrews, ciders, and sparkling sodas.

Celebration Dinner

6. Summit Celebration Dinner  

Food is an important part of any celebration...and by Friday evening, you'll have a lot to talk about! We'll have a unique menu featuring local, seasonal produce to celebrate this special event.

Spend quality time with your fellow summit coaches - laughing, sharing stories, asking questions, and having fun. Build memories you can look back on - all season long. 

  • Participate in and learn from an 'ask anything' coaches panel
  • Set your intention for the season ahead 
  • Spend quality time with an amazing group of coaches  

Take a look at our schedule

WEDNESDAY Come early: explore, relax, and unwind with your fellow coaching colleagues

THURSDAY 8:15am: Register and enjoy coffee or tea before we start at the Prime Sports Institute 9:00am - 12:30pm: Summit Day 1, morning session Lunch on your own around Bellingham 2:00pm - 5:30pm: Summit Day 1, afternoon session 

FRIDAY 8:30am - 9:00am - Doors open: coffee and tea available 9:00am - 12:30pm - Summit Day 2 - morning session Lunch on your own around Bellingham 2:00pm-5:30pm - Summit Day 2 - afternoon session Summit Celebration Dinner after - TBA  

SATURDAY 8:30am - 9:00am - Doors open: coffee and tea available 9:00am - 12:30pm - Summit Day 3 - morning session Lunch on your own around Bellingham 2:00pm-5:00pm - Summit Day 3 - afternoon session  

SUNDAY Stay, explore, relax, and unwind with your fellow coaching colleagues'll get the following bonuses:

BONUS #1) Access to a private summit facebook page

Your summit experience actually begins the day you sign up and pay your deposit. You’ll get immediate access to the 2019 Private Facebook Page. Be inspired. Ask questions. Share your victories and current challenges. Get great ideas and resources. Connect with an amazing group of coaches before the summit even starts!

BONUS #2) A 90-day planner

This planner will help you begin to incorporate a series of healthy habits (that we'll talk about at the summit) into your routine on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.  

  •  Set intentions, write gratitudes, and keep track of accomplishments each day
  •  Decide your priorities each week - to train your brain to make decisions faster and easier
  •  Reflect every month to catch patterns that come up and adjust before it's too late
  •  Get into a routine where you can regularly evaluate where your team is, determine what needs to change, and choose what you need to let go keep yourself and your athletes moving forward.

BONUS #3) A Group 90-Day Reset

Have you ever noticed yourself losing momentum after you've set clear goals and intentions? You slide back into old habbits and patterns hold you back. That's why I like to have the coaches I work with throughout the year hit the pause button - every 90 days. That's about as long as we can hold our focus before we really start to get off track. 

It's not about the information. You know what you need. It's just that many of us lack the accountabilty and support to kick things into gear. 

I'm offering all summit coaches who sign up before April 1st a FREE group coaching session.

  • I'll help you take time to look back on the first 90 days after the summit to celebrate, reflect, and digest some of your experiences.
  • This session will help you move into the next 90 days with more clarity, momentum and enthusiasm
  • This is a great opportunity to revisit the intentions you set at the summit and get refocused on your priorities or change directions if you need to shift. 

 How to claim your seat at the summit...

Pay in full and save!

Registration for the summit is open NOW on a first-come-first-served basis – it will sell out.  

(Each session is limited to 15 coaches)

So, please click the button, fill out your details and move fast.

$ 850 

or Two payments of $450

LAST MINUTE SPECIAL - Save $200 when you sign up within 30 days of the event!

Here's what will happen once you sign up 

  • Pay in full now (and save) OR pay a "hold-my-seat" deposit of $450 * 
  • Fill out your personal details with your payment - where you coach, what sport you coach, and general contact info so I can connect with you before the summit.
  • Then, you’ll get an email with more summit details – including instructions to access our private Facebook group before the summit begins.

Email me at if you have any questions.


Hear from past summit participants:

It was a tough year for me emotionally and I was drained...feeling like there was no break long enough for me to be excited to go back to work. I had given myself so fully during the season and hadn't taken the time fill myself up. The summit provided a healthy break from the facade and got me back in touch with who I am at my core. The last day as we were leaving I couldn't wait to get back to my team at home and implement some of the ideas I learned. I hadn't been that optimistic and excited about coaching in a long time.  

 --- Katie Robinson, Tulane University, Head Women's Swim Coach 

Katie Robinson

Nancy Bigelow

Before attending my first summit, I had no idea what to expect. I was still tired from a long season and school year and was really just looking forward to a rest. It was an terrific experience to share ideas and personal trials with those who can help support and share valuable advice. I have attended hundreds of clinics & workshops during my career. This was by far, the most helpful experience I have had to make me a better coach and person. I recommend it all!  

--- Nancy Bigelow, Tufts University, Associate Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach 

Coming into the summit I felt excited to share how my year went and get to see the coaches in my group. I gained more insight into my own leadership style and learn more about the style's of others. I experienced inclusion and laughter. As I left, I felt heard and enlightened. I received a lot of help, got new ideas, and had many chances to share my experiences.  

--- Leslie Shevlin, Willamette University, Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach 

Leslie Shevlin

Jennifer Bloome

Coming into the summit, I felt really scattered and pulled in a lot of different directions. At the summit, I was able to get centered and re-focus on my priorities. I also learned new ideas about leadership and team dynamics that I'd never encountered elsewhere. I gained a great deal of perspective and left feeling stronger as a coach and refreshed overall.  

--- Jennifer Bloome, Whitman College, Head Men's & Women's Swim Coach

I experienced an immense amount of trust and support at the summit. I was able to find the words I needed to voice and work through some of the issues I had been struggling with over the past year. I didn't realize just how much I could benefit from the supportive and encouraging atmosphere that our summit group created over just a few days. I look forward to staying in contact throughout this year - and many more - to forage deeper relationships and continue to support these fellow coaches in their professional and personal lives. Much is made about the lack of female collegiate coaches, but I know that with opportunities like the summit, the future of female coaching is bright!  

--- 2017 Coaching Summit Participant  

I was run down after a long and busy season and had been struggling to find a place where I felt I could share emotionally charged professional issues I had been struggling with.  

I left the summit with a new perspective and felt physically, mentally, and emotionally recovered. I left full of admiration for my fellow summit members. After meeting so many strong female coaches, I'm inspired to continue to learn and grow.  

--- 2017 Coaching Summit Participant  

For me the Summit has been a time of renewal, relaxation and reflection. I enjoy the time with the other women, getting to know each other, making new friends, strengthening our relationships, working through issues, laughing about silly things, and eating delicious food. I also enjoy the time away from the everyday work at the office. For the past two years I have used it as a time to look back and reflect on the school year/season while learning about new ideas to improve next season.

-- Brooke Plotz, Associate Head Swim Coach, Carleton College

I could not wait to get to the summit. Having had such a great experience last year it was something I had been looking forward to for months. I knew I was going to be around great people I could trust and in a beautiful environment. I felt it was going to be a breath of fresh air that I was in great need of. 

As I left, I felt refreshed and relaxed with some of my questions and feelings validated and supported. I also gained a new perspectives on things. Gained valuable insight into some of the issues I struggled with this year and also was able to celebrate with other coaches aspects of our seasons that went well. 

I can tend to look at ways that we can improve for the next season without taking a minute to look at what went well and appreciate that. It was a great reminder to enjoy even the small victories!

-- Stacy Busack, Assistant Men's & Women's Swim Coach, Oakland University

New to a women's coaching summit?

I'd like to welcome to this amazing community! 

You'll have the opportunity to connect - online - with all the other new coaches before the summit even starts through our Private Summit Facebook group. I'll also host a special call one month before the summit.

  • This can help you know what to expect, give you the opportunity to have all your questions answered, and allow you to begin buildng trust and relationships before you even get here.
  • I'll teach you the most important stuff we talk about every year - the foundation to what you'll be learning at the summit - so you can walk in the door ready to dive in.
  • You'll receive tools and ideas you can use with your team right now!
  • Worried you'll be too busy to fit this call in? Don't worry! I'll record it and send you the recording you can listen anytime you want.

Summit Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign up and get started in this community today! 

  • Try the Facebook group out between now and the summit.
  • You can actually start now creating friendships, supporting one other, and getting accountability. (I’ll also be popping in every once in a while to post a quote, share some tips and resources, and provide support.)  
  • I am confident that this is going to be life-changing for you and will make such a difference in your career. 
  • If you decide it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money in full up to 30-days before your session. 



You will be responsible for your lodging and food - with the exception of the meals listed on your Summit Schedule. (You will receive all those details once you sign up.) I've made a list of lodging recommendations - dependent on what kind of experience you want. You can have more privacy and take some time for yourself by reserving your own hotel room. If you are coming with a group of coaches you already know, you can find an AirBNB or VRBO house that can accommodate all of you. If you'd like to meet new coaches and share a room with someone, you can coordinate those details on the private summit Facebook page that you'll have access to once you sign up. Also – each day is laid out with plenty of time for meals and connection, and there are restaurants very close to our meeting space, too!


If you’re just getting started in coaching or considering getting into coaching in the future, it’s the perfect time to get clear about the core strategic elements of your coaching career. (In fact, some of the veteran coaches might be envious that you're getting this clarity so early on! They probably wish they this when they were starting out!) In other words, these three days will shave years off of your learning curve!

Plus, you’ll create new connections with positive, like-minded coaches who will become your support system and sounding board for years. Most coaches don’t have this level of support in their lives, and end up seeking it from random friends and family members who simply do not have the ability to understand the unique challenges involved in running a collegiate team. When you’re in this room, you’ll feel like you’ve “come home.”


You can't always share the real challenges you're facing when you see your peers or colleagues during the season. You have a job to do: you have athletes to coach and a team to run. You don't always connect so easily with the other female coaches within your athletic department.

Summits help you get to know other coaches and establish an environment of confidentiality and trust where you can share what's going on for you. This can be so integral to the longevity of your career as a coach and help you realize how much support is out there for you. 


Coaching summits are purposely held in a more intimate setting than a typical conference center. This setting will allow you more time and space to connect with your colleagues at a deeper level. 

The number of participants is limited. Count on an environment where you can be who you are and show up exactly where you are - in the moment...and be totally supported.  

Most coaching conferences give you the opportunity to listen, learn, and take in a whole lot of information. Which is great...and some coaches leave feeling overwhelmed.  

You will get a lot of great information at the summit AND leave with a clear action plan, accountability and the support to actually put things in motion. 


Many coaches deal with the same seemingly impossible situation: There are important people in your life who don't totally understand why you need something like this.  

So, start by having a little compassion. They don't always know how you're feeling....because you rarely talk about it!  

I always suggest a very simple solution: Have a conversation with the people you need to talk to about this - your boss, partner, or spouse. Let her/him know why you think this could be good for you. Get clear on what you most need right now, and share this.  

Often, people simply want to be communicated with.  

The truth is… most coaches can feel isolated and can also feel like they are completely crazy. Plus you probably don’t have much support. The people in your life are probably just trying to protect you because s/he cares about you. Have a conversation about this. And see if you can ask for the support you need as you join me at the summit.  

Then, keep her/him posted on the things you are learning each day about yourself and how you plan on applying it. This will help them understand that you are truly taking this seriously


I love to teach coaches how to step up as a leader and actively look for ways to get the support you need. 

Having the courage to bring this up with your head coach or athletic administrator is a leadership opportunity. It's not always comfortable AND consider it part of your growth and development as a leader. No matter what you think their response might be, I always encourage coaches to initiate this conversation. You never know what resources might be out there that you don't know about until you ask the question - and get it on their radar. 

That being said, I've had many coaches (too many to count) tell me their adminstration has eliminated professional development opportunities for coaches due to "budget cuts."  

I've written to coaches and administrators - on your behalf - highlighting several key talking points. If you believe a summit would be beneficial to your coaching career, I would recommend you 1. read over these talking points, 2. schedule time to talk to your boss and 3. have a conversation to explore ways to fund this experience.  

Let me personalize a copy of this letter just for you. Send me an email with your name and your boss's name and I'll send that your way. I want to do whatever I can to help support you and make this happen!


I'd love to help! Send me an email at or click here to set up a time to chat.